by Hermie Ibarra in Miscellaneous

Ibarra Artistic Creations is the venue in which Hermie Ibarra’s work is displayed. 

Hermie is a Cuban born artist currently residing in Miami Lakes, Florida.  Painting is her passion, and one of her favorite subjects is “Women”.  Her preferred medium is oils and texture is her signature, as well as the addition to the paintings of  flowers, jewelry or other 3-dimensional items to achieve unique effects. Plaster and bas-relief are also used at times to further enhance the paintings.

Some of the pieces are mounted on contrasting materials such as wood, leather and richly-textured fabrics that create a stunning color-coordinated backdrop.

Hermie’s work has been showcased in many exhibits and has received awards in several art competitions.


Giclees ,paper prints and ceramic tiles of most originals on this site are available, even of some of the paintings flagged as “SOLD”.  Variations of already sold originals can also be requested.  The paintings’ details will not be exactly the same  to ensure uniqueness of the originals.  


What is a Giclee? A Giclee is a reproduction on canvas of an original oil painting using a high quality digital printer.  The technology behind this superior printing method is based on the power of computers combined with advances in printing techniques.  The reproduction is as beautiful as the original.  The canvas is treated with a UV coating to seal and protect it.  Giclees can be ordered in different sizes and the prices are very affordable.


Hopefully you enjoyed  browsing through the work displayed on this site.   Please click on ‘INFO’ for additional information or contact the artist for any questions or requests.



 ‘Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life’ 
       Pablo Picasso