36.00"x36.00" Oils, unframed


Description of The Musicians

A trio of musicians, a girl playing a whimsical piano sitting shoeless on a bongo and two guys playing a guitar and a clarinet.
This painting follows the same style as the other ‘guajiros’ paintings that I have recently done where the faces are blurry and the men’s hands are deep purple.
The men are wearing ‘guayaberas’ with real buttons attached.. The one playing the guitar is sitting on a taburete in the front. The colors are deep earth tones (ochre, sienna, brown) with red, blue and green accents.
There are several differences between this painting and Tropical Trio II. To begin with, this painting is square (36×36) rather than rectangular, and the people are closer to the viewer. The lady is not wearing a hat, but a flower on her hair. And her outfit is green rather than deep orange. The colors of the bongo are also different.
A giclee in the same size of the original is available for $450.00, contact me for more info.